Wis. fire chief pushing to speed up response times


GREEN BAY, Wis. — Officials are working to reduce emergency response times after a new fire chief said his department is too slow in responding to calls.

The Associated Press reported about half the Green Bay Metro Fire Department responses last December were slower than the industry standard of 90 seconds.

Chief David Litton says part of the delay comes from 911 dispatchers starting the response clock before sounding the alarm at the station, according to the report. Chief Litton said dispatchers also spend too much time asking questions before sending responders to medical emergencies, according to the report.

Dispatchers are being retrained to sound the alarm faster and get firefighters more quickly out the door to emergencies.

The new process is set to begin April 1, and will be used in every fire department, according to the report.

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  • PaddyCoughlin

    In my area, fire and medical calls are handled by a call taker and dispatcher team. The dispatcher notifies units while the call taker asks enough questions to determine the priority and alter the response if called for.