DC lieutenant retires without facing disciplinary action


WASHINGTON — A D.C. fire lieutenant accused of not helping an elderly man who was dying across from her firehouse has retired without facing disciplinary action.

WUSA9 reported that Lt. Kellene Davis’ retirement was approved before she could face a possible punishment after 77-year-old Cecil Mills suffered a heart attack and died across the street from her firehouse.

Now that her retirement has been approved, she cannot face disciplinary action because the board hadn’t made a decision in her case yet, according to the report.

Fire officials said that since Lt. Davis submitted her second request in a timely manner, and since she was eligible for retirement, Chief Ken Ellerbe was required to accept it.

Cecil Mills’ family issued the following statement to WUSA9 reporters: “We are angry and frustrated that the trial board has allowed the lieutenant who did not do her job and whose inaction prevented a life from being saved is allowed to retire with no adverse action being taken.”

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  • michaelgove

    Who appoints the Retirement Board?

  • CB

    And we wonder why pensions are strapped and cities are broke. No accountabilty breeds a culture of wild abandonment.