Iowa fire chief on hunger strike for new firehouse


LEHIGH, Iowa — In a time that many volunteer fire departments are struggling to find funding, one Central Iowa chief has pledged the extreme. Lehigh Volunteer Fire Chief Kirk Kelley says he is on a hunger strike until nearly $500,000 is raised to fund a new firehouse for his department.

Kelley says he got the idea from studying Gandhi, and researched the best practices for fasting for several weeks. He says he’s prepared by cutting his portion sizes and fasting for periods lasting from 12 to 48 hours.

“I have the willpower to do it, so I figured why not?” said Kelley. Kelley says the strike comes after several failed fundraising attempts for the Lehigh Volunteer Fire Department. He says the emergency crew serves three towns in a 70 mile radius and needs an updated building and equipment to operate.

Full story: Lehigh fire chief goes on hunger strike for new firehouse

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