Video: Reno fire chief speaks out on drugs and alcohol policy


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RENO, Nev. — News 4 met with Reno Fire Chief Michael Hernandez on Tuesday to discuss the policy that allows Reno firefighters to be on the job while alcohol — if their blood alcohol content level measures below 0.08 — marijuana, or even cocaine is present in their systems.

The policy was negotiated between fire unions and the City of Reno more than a decade ago; and Hernandez made it clear that just because firefighters can have these substances in their systems, does not mean they are. In his four and a half years as chief of Reno Fire, Hernandez said he has only utilized the policy three times. He also says if an employee is in violation of the policy, they want it reported.

“If a co-worker or a front line supervisor suspects that one of his employees or one of his team members may be under the influence, he picks up the phone, he initiates the process, we get that person tested and it’s either positive or negative,” said Hernandez.

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