Fire chief warns of dangers of ‘fire challenge’ game


FireRescue1 Staff

AUGUSTA, Ga. — A growing number of teens across the country are participating in a dangerous challenge called the "Fire Challenge." reported that the "challenge" encourages teens to douse themselves in an accelerant and then set fire to their bodies. The process is videotaped and posted on social media sties to challenge the bravery of others and encourage participation.

Recently, a 15-year-old boy in Buffalo, N.Y. died due to injuries sustained while participating in the challenge.

As the videos grow in popularity, so does concern by local fire leaders. The Augusta Fire Department is taking a proactive approach to saving the lives of area teenagers who may watch the videos and consider yielding to the temptation to participate, according to the report.

"A teen has died and several have received 3rd degree burns from participating in this fad," Chief Chris James, of the Augusta Fire Department, said. "Please educate your teen on the dangers of this activity and discourage them from participating in this fad."

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