Fire attack: Multi-use commercial facility

The one responding rig stood little chance of getting this fire under control; how would you attack this fire?

By Robert Avsec

This fire incident took place in a combination retail and warehouse occupancy, most likely a farm supply type of business. In reviewing the video you’ll notice that the warehouse facility — located on the D Side has already been completely destroyed.

The first 5 minutes or so of the video is an excellent example of how fire makes progress in taking control of an ordinary construction, that is, masonry walls supporting a roof structure that’s likely built with lightweight trusses of steel or wood.

Discussion questions

What tactical challenges are presented to the first-alarm personnel on scene?

What would be your size-up of the incident?

What information would you communicate with your size-up radio report to your other responding resources?

What would be your incident action plan?

What are the environmental conservation measures that should be considered under the Incident Priority of Property Conservation?

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