N.M. firefighter’s Facebook post under investigation

The firefighter joked on Facebook about police killing suspects; he said he would join the police if they had a "criminal population reduction unit."

The Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Albuquerque Fire Department says it has launched an internal investigation after a firefighter joked on social media about Albuquerque police killing suspects.

KRQE-TV reports that Fire Chief David Downey said Monday the department is looking into a Facebook post by firefighter Kenneth Barncastle. According to the posting from a profile which since has been taking down, Barncastle said he’d quit the fire department to join Albuquerque police if they had a “criminal population reduction unit.”

Downey says the department has a social media policy and appropriate action will be taken after the investigation.The Albuquerque Police Department has faced heavily criticism for 37 police shootings since 2010.

Last month, a video showed police shooting a homeless man in the Sandia foothills, sparking an angry protest Sunday and drawing tear gas from riot police.

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  1. why is this a problem? the local police in Sheridan Wyoming 2 days ago told me it’s ok to say whatever you want as long as you don’t act on anything. I’m being harassed from someone telling people i have stolen tools of his so i called the cops and that said it’s ok for people to say whatever they want online

    • It has to do with the department social media policy. It more than likely lists his occupation as a firefighter with this department and any comments he makes can be misconstrued as representing the thoughts of that department

  2. Its just shows whom this person really is.

    • I worked with him. He’s a great guy and risked his life routinely to save strangers. Unfortunately he made a bad decision, but he is the kind of person who would place himself in harm’s way to save someone he didn’t know.

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