Reno to lay off 35 firefighters, brown out 3rd station

The department did not receive a SAFER grant that would have saved the firefighters' jobs.


RENO, Nev. — Officials with the City of Reno say denied federal funds could mean layoffs for nearly three dozen employees at the Reno Fire Department.

Fire officials say a Federal Department of Emergency Management Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant will not receive money due to funding limitations.

That will result in changes for Reno Fire Department’s day-to-day operations. 266 firefighters work for the City of Reno — including administration and prevention staff. The layoffs are determined by seniority affecting firefighters that were hired most recently. “You’ve been here 6,7,8,9 years, serving our community and unfortunately, come July 1, we’re going to have to give you a pink slip. That’s probably one of the most difficult things, as Chief, that I have to do,” says Chief Michael Hernandez.

Full story: Reno Fire Department Faces Budget Cuts, 35 Layoffs

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  1. Reno is not alone by any means. Last year, FEMA rejected over 150 similar grant requests. More fire departments are finding themselves between the proverbial rock and hard spot because structural fires are less frequent today. When structural fires (inevitably) do occur, fire departments need lots of firefighters to arrive in a short time. If they cannot, life and property losses increase – not to mention the risk to firefighters. The dilemma for fire chiefs is justifying more firefighters in an era when firefighting is the least of their jobs.
    I propose that the federal government create a national public service program to augment fire department companies with full time:temporary firefighters who perform that service in return for free college educations. See my post titled “Firefighting as a national public service?” and related posts at

  2. Stop overspending on equipment and facilities ..its manpower that puts out fires..Save your jobs..and lives by adapting and conserving with new technology like others …

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