Ads on fire trucks mulled over in Nev.

"If we do this advertising in a tasteful manner, it's with entities and businesses that fit our mission," Fire Chief Scott Huntley said.


FERNLEY, Nev. — Fire trucks and ambulances in the North Lyon County Fire District will soon become billboards on wheels, as the department decides to put advertisements on their apparatus.

“We’re getting to the point where it’s any means necessary to maintain what we have,” said Fire Chief Scott Huntley.

The fire station is largely funded by property taxes and Huntley said the assessed valuation in the community dropped 41%. Since then, they have been pinching every penny, even doing engine repairs on their own. There are two aged fire-trucks they’d like to replace. The fire station has not replaced an engine since the 1990’s, and they hope the money will go instead to equipment. Personal protection equipment is the first thing they believe will better services.

Full story: Fire truck advertising coming soon to North Lyon County

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