Fire chief, volunteers quit over fire truck purchase denial

The volunteer firefighters walked out with Chief Greg Stewart, who asked for a second fire engine, but was denied by the city.


LUMPKIN, Ga. — The city of Lumpkin fire chief quits his job and his staff follows sending fears of homes burning to the ground throughout the community.

The small city is at odds over money. Tempers ran high at Monday’s city council meeting when now former Lumpkin fire chief Greg Stewart requested the city buy a second fire truck. “He was ready to have a second truck on hand. I do want to have a second truck on hand. The one he found was a little expensive for what we have in the budget,” Lumpkin Mayor Charles Gibson said. The vote was split three to thee between council members, with Gibson being the tie breaker. Gibson broke the tie deciding against buying a truck for $120,000, according to Gibson.

“Not saying that we do not need a second truck but we do not need to spend that much on it,” Gibson said. Stewart quit taking the entire fire department with him. “I did not ask him to leave. I wanted him to sit down with me and work it out,” Gibson said.

Full story: Lumpkin Mayor, “We are not alone”, after volunteer fire department quits, GA News Weather

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