Nearly 30 Memphis firefighters scheduled to retire

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It looks like the red rash is clearing up. Sunday, 60 firefighters were off the job, that’s down from Saturday’s staggering count of 80.

Memphis Fire officials say only ten of the 60 called in sick for just Sunday. 50 of the firefighters, who didn't show up for work, are on long term sick leave. But even though the number of sick firefighters is going down, News Channel 3 discovered another potential problem for the already strained department. This week many firefighters are retiring.

Tuesday, nearly 30 Memphis firefighters will call out for good, they're retiring. The retirements are scheduled, they happen on the 15th of the month at the end of every quarter. But now, many are questioning if this new class of retirees, puts firefighters under even more strain.

Full story: Nearly 30 Memphis firefighters scheduled to retire this week

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