Vegas Fire, AMR reach deal over patient transport policy

Las Vegas Review-Journal

LAS VEGAS — Las Vegas' dual response system for emergency ambulances is dying.

A 911 call for a medical emergency will no longer receive a response from both the Las Vegas Fire Department and American Medical Response. One or the other will be dispatched, not both. After more than a month’s negotiations between the department and AMR, each side gave a little for this proposed contract, which is expected to be signed and presented to the council at its Sept. 3 meeting. “It sounds like there’s peace in the valley,” said Councilman Bob Coffin.

Fire Chief Willie McDonald said there will be a division of labor: the department will respond to more serious emergency calls while AMR responds to less serious calls. He predicted that means the department will handle 60 to 65 percent of the calls, instead of the 75 percent he originally sought. Fire officials hope to generate more revenue as the department boosts the number of calls it handles.

Full story: AMR, Vegas Fire Department reach deal

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