Mich. fire chief helps bust suspected serial arsonist


FLINT, Mich. — One of the city's most notorious arsonists has been taken off the street, and Fire Chief David Cox says the accused is just 11 years old.

"This dude is a terror," said Cox, who helped find the juvenile suspect, after a Wednesday, Aug. 20, fire in the area of Concord Street and Milbourne Avenue. Arsons have been occurring steadily in the same area this summer. Cox said neighbors have reported the same young suspect and his friends having been nearby at the time of the fires, only to go into hiding before firefighters and police arrive.

Investigators believe the 11-year-old who Cox helped trap in an abandoned house Wednesday is among a group responsible for at least three fires in the same neighborhood recently. "This has been going on for months. They have been having their way all summer," Cox said. "These kids were so tough — they had pit bulls at (an abandoned) house they had access to."

Full story: Flint fire chief helps bust suspected serial arsonist — only 11 years old

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