Video: 6 months after Wash. landslide, fire chief shares story

ARLINGTON, Wash. — He was the face of the Oso landslide. The man that faced dozens of cameras every day and delivered somber updates, as the death toll continued to climb. Now, six months after the March 22 disaster, Fire Chief Travis Hots is ready to share his story.

The humble, soft-spoken leader of Snohomish County Fire District 21 and 22 has not spoken publicly since his role as spokesperson during the days immediately following the landslide.

Chief Hots says it took time for him to process his emotions, much like everyone else connected to the landslide that took 43 lives on a rainy Saturday morning. "I don't take life for granted," he said, when asked how the landslide changed him. "I realize that it's fragile, and that the unthinkable could happen at any time or any place, just like it did in Oso, one of the most peaceful places there is to visit."

Full story: The Face of Oso: Fire Chief Travis Hots shares his landslide story

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