Fire Chief Digital: Addressing firefighter mental health

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Fire Chief Digital Edition, a quarterly supplement to and the Fire Chief eNews that brings a sharpened focus to some of the most challenging topics facing fire chiefs and fire service leaders everywhere.

In the Winter 2016 edition of Fire Chief Digital, brought to you by California Casualty, Cathy Sivak looks at why firefighters take their own lives and gives steps to help prevent firefighter suicides. Also, we talked to a panel of firefighters and paramedics that are not only experts in mental health but have also gone through PTSD. They give their take on the state of firefighter mental health and how to make it better.

Sarah Calams talks to a firefighter-turned-psychologist about what strategies fire departments can put into place to prevent firefighter-specific crimes, Linda Willing discusses the fire chief's role in firefighter mental health and our sponsored content section address three things to know and three places to get help for firefighters suffering from PTSD or having thoughts of suicide.

Click on the cover below to open the Fire Chief Digital Edition:

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