Lawsuit: Councilman used racial slurs against ousted fire chief

By FireRescue1 Staff

ONTARIO, Calif. — A lawsuit alleges that a councilman used racial slurs to refer to an ousted fire chief.

Daily Bulletin reported that Ontario Fire Chief Floyd Clark was fired in June 2016 after what he calls a "months-long campaign to plan and scheme" to force him into retirement. Chief Clark filed the lawsuit, saying a councilman used the N-word, "coon," and "token black," while speaking about Clark to another councilmember.

He's suing the city, fire department and city manager, alleging the city created a hostile work environment.

"Not only was I unemployed, but my reputation as a professional has been ruined," Clark said.

Clark also claims he was retaliated against after refusing to give a financial promotion to a fire engineer.

"It’s been humbling to get fired and have to collect unemployment," Clark said. "I’ve never done that in my entire life. It’s been extremely tough on me and my family. It’s very hurtful, and I feel I didn’t deserve this treatment."

City officials did not comment on the lawsuit.

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