Okla. fire dept. to display symbol of unity on all fire vehicles

Tulsa Fire Department

TULSA, Okla. — Beginning today, an emblem representing unity amongst military and public safety personnel who work together to serve the citizens of Tulsa, will be displayed on all Tulsa Fire Department vehicles.

The attached emblem represents the men and women who work with the Tulsa Fire Department to deliver public safety services for the entire community.

The colors of blue, green, yellow and white within the emblem represent 911 Public Safety Communications, Emergency Medical Services, the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, the Tulsa Police Department and the United States Armed Forces.

The emblem will be displayed on more than 100 vehicles operated by the Tulsa Fire Department and replaces a former symbol that was placed on Tulsa Fire vehicles in July 2016. The design and print costs for the new emblem were provided by private donations.

Tulsa Fire Chief Ray Driskell said, “On July 8, 2016, one day after the Dallas, Texas police shootings where five police officers lost their lives, the Tulsa Fire Department placed the “Thin Blue Line” on fire apparatuses showing support and solidarity for the Tulsa Police Department, the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office and other first responders. We wanted to show our fellow first responders that when the chips are down, the Tulsa Fire Department has your back. We have never felt any different about any first response agency and we never will.”

Driskell added, “Between July 2016 and June 2017, variations of perceptions developed about the blue line that was placed on our vehicles and information I received from citizens was troubling enough to prompt me to call for the removal of the symbol. This decision was done at no direction by the Mayor or by anyone else, but only from my personal conversations with concerned members of the community.”

“In place of the original symbol, the Tulsa Fire Department now has a new emblem of support for our partners who serve the citizens of Tulsa. Mayor G.T. Bynum, Police Chief Chuck Jordan, Sheriff Vic Regalado, Fraternal Order of Police President Mark Secrist and IAFF President Jim Nance all support the Tulsa Fire Department’s new symbol of unity. Each Tulsa Fire Department apparatus and vehicle will display the new emblem effective immediately and we hope others in the community will join us.”

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