Trending topics: Should paramedics have a degree?

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The idea of formal education requirements for paramedics has had the industry buzzing the last few months, with several national organizations weighing in on both sides of the issue.

In this Trending Topics, we look at the issue from all angles, with expert opinions from seasoned paramedics and tough questions for industry leaders.

Should paramedics be required to earn a college degree, or are traditional courses enough?

Check out these recent articles and add your thoughts below.

Joint position statement released on paramedic degree requirements

The NAEMSE, NAEMSA and the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics say it's time for paramedics to earn an associate degree

Degree requirements, Pink Floyd and a seat at the adult table

Despite the growing pains and staffing shortages, degree requirements will improve EMS in the long-run

Does a piece of paper make you a professional?

Requiring degrees for paramedics places undue burden on those entering the field and fire-based EMS training programs

IAFC, IAFF, NFPA, NVFC oppose required degrees for medics

In a joint statement, four national organizations state the reasons they oppose requiring college degrees for entry-level paramedics

Should future paramedics be required to obtain associate degrees?

Our co-hosts tackle the topic of paramedic education and how it would affect the EMS industry

Tackling the education disparity across national EMS organizations

Our co-hosts sit down with NAEMSE Board of Directors member Leaugeay Barnes to discuss the differences in education requirements across the country

NAEMT president addresses paramedic education questions

Our co-hosts discuss NAEMT's position on paramedic education requirements with President Matt Zavadsky

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