Applauds for MLB's Nelson Cruz's actions off the field

Why do some understand the basic human need for fire and medical services, yet others do not?

Editor's note: Chief Adam K. Thiel gives Major League Baseball's Nelson Cruz a standing ovation for his off-the-field generosity and asks why only some get the importance of this basic human need.

It's nice to have an all-around feel-good story on the site.

Kudos to Nelson Cruz for recognizing the fire-EMS challenges in his hometown and finding some willing partners to help make improvements!

It's interesting to see that a Major League Baseball player has a sense of fire protection and emergency medical care as a basic human need in cities, towns, and villages across the globe, when there's an ongoing debate in many U.S. communities about whether — and at what level — these services should be provided by our local governments.

Why do some people ask questions about the provision of fire and EMS in their hometowns, while others do not?

In my experience, many of those we serve have absolutely no idea what we do, how we do it, or how much it costs. To be sure, our citizens have a lot of things to worry about: their jobs, crime, taxes, schools, businesses and even their sports teams.

But why do so many of "them" (Nelson Cruz being a notable exception) take "us" (and our services) for granted?

Seems like an important question to answer right now; what do you think?

Stay safe!

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