Fla. paramedic resigns amidst fentanyl theft investigation

Alexander Eljabbour resigned his position when a vial of fentanyl was discovered unsecured in a rescue vehicle

By News Staff

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Officials are investigating the actions of an Orange County Fire Rescue paramedic, who resigned the department after allegedly attempting to steal fentanyl.  

The investigation began when a firefighter lieutenant found a small vial of fentanyl unsecured in a rescue vehicle, WFTV 9 ABC reports. Investigators believe that Alexander Eljabbour hid the vial after pretending to administer it to a patient.

According to investigators, during a call, Eljabbour told hospital personnel that he had given the patient 50 micrograms of the drug because the patient was exhibiting “significant discomfort with minimal improvement to pain.”

The vial was found hidden in the rescue vehicle afterward and investigators believe that Eljabbour took advantage of a new EMT, who may not be familiar with the procedures.

Orange County officials said in a statement that they take additional security precautions and added that medication administered to patients must be verified by a witness.

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