Ala. firefighter honored for risking life to save man

Noah Allmond dragged an unconscious man out of a burning building with no water supply

By Larry Gierer
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

OPELIKA, Ala. — Noah Allmond, who went into a burning building without any water to save a man’s life, has been named the Firefighter of the Year in Opelika, Alabama.

The apparatus operator with the fire department was recently honored by Mayor Gary Fuller and Opelika City Council.

According to a report on the City of Opelika’s website, a call came in Jan. 12 at 2:16 a.m. about a structure fire on South 4th Street.

Allmond was working overtime and filling in for a paramedic on the rescue truck. The fire engine for this territory was on another call.

Upon arriving on the scene, Assistant Chief Keith Burnette and Allmond were met by a screaming woman who said her husband was still in the residence.

At this time, heavy smoke and flames were visible and no water supply had been established. Half of the front porch had already collapsed.

Burnette could hear the fire engine’s siren in the distance and knew he had to make a difficult decision.

He told Allmond that he hated to send him in without any water, but if this man had any chance at all, something had to be done now.

Almond responded, “Yes, sir, I’ll find him.”

Allmond made his way to the bedroom and found an unresponsive man. Two other firefighters who had arrived on the scene, Lt. Tracey Johnson and firefighter Cody Farr entered the residence and helped Allmond carry the man out.

The man was revived with CPR and treated for burns.

The building was completely engulfed in flames shortly they walked out.

Other firefighters honored were Bradley Bowen and Zack Nelson.

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