Mo. fire dept., union spar over station closures

The Springfield Fire Department stated that closing two fire stations would improve response times

By FireRescue1 Staff

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Springfield Fire Department and union officials are in disagreement over whether or not two fire stations should be closed. 

The department released a statement recommending the closure of two stations in order to increase response times.

“It is essential to use our resources as efficiently and effectively as we can,” Springfield Fire Chief David Hall told KY3. “Over the past several years, we have developed the data to be able to make data-driven informed decisions. When one looks at the data, it is hard to see how any other conclusion can be drawn.”

A few years ago, resources from the city were redistributed to open the two stations with anticipation of annexation in the east and southwest areas of the city; the annexations never occurred.

The local firefighter’s union, however, refuted the department’s recommendation, stating it does not “feel that the closing of the two fire stations is the best solution.”

The department requested the city council to provide input on the issue in order for a final decision to be made.

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