Keep resumes short for fire service interviews

By Tony Vitalie

Regardless of your experience, entry level and lateral firefighter candidates should limit their resume to one page.

The structure of an entry level interview typically allows very little to no time for the interviewers to look over your resume before you enter the room and often they may not even see your resume until you hand it to them. For this reason the resume should be formatted in such a way that allows the reader to extract the information quickly.

Keep information such as job descriptions as brief and concise as possible. I recommend having third parties test your resume’s conciseness by giving them 30 seconds to review it. After 30 seconds see if they got the details you want readers to get from your resume. Good formatting and use of bold fonts for your name, job titles, etc, help those scanning your resume find the pertinent information at a glance.

Tony Vitale is the founder of, the premier fire service careers web site.

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