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FIRE CHIEF: Now Part of the FireRescue1 Network

We are pleased to announce that FireRescue1 has acquired the FIRE CHIEF brand and select assets for FIRE CHIEF Magazine. FIRE CHIEF will become a part of the FireRescue1 Network and will continue to operate as a digital-only brand.

The FireRescue1 team is excited to continue the FIRE CHIEF name and are committed to continuing to provide quality content to help FireRescue1 and FIRE CHIEF members better protect the communities they serve and help their agencies operate more safely and effectively.

We will continue to update the site, including this contact page, in the near future. Should you have any questions or wish to contact our team immediately, please email us at, or visit the FireRescue1 Contact Page here.


  1. I wonder when the fire service is going to start pushing the federal government on preventing our electric grid failures and other failures in the event of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) incident. I cannot find where DHS has even addressed the issue nor has many politicians done so either. We need a grassroots effort by EACH fire chief to bring it up at council meetings.

  2. Glad the Fire Chief format was brought back by FireRescue1. I submitted an article in January of 2013 inquiring why we have not researched / developed more all terrain firefighting equipment for WUI applications, specifically track driven equipment such as battle tanks APC’s etc. Once again we are heading into what is no doubt going to be a very destructive and expensive fire season using many of the same strategies and tactics used for years. The fire service needs equipment that is geared specifically for these types of fires in addition to pickups, structural equip etc. The equipment we need should be completely self contained, agile and able to go places previously not accessible. Aircraft cannot fly when the fire is at it’s worst, we need to have weapons that are capable of delivering an effective blow in the fight but can cut and run if necessary. Welcome the discussion.

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