25 States embrace 9-11 Commemorative Chin Strap™ Program

9-11 Commemorative Chin Strap Program has found wide acceptance as a viable, touchable way to keep memory of 9-11 alive and relevant

Recognizing almost 10 years has gone by sine 9-11 and the new generation of firefighters coming up do not relate to 9-11 like ‘it happened to them’, the Lighthouse Uniform Company took the wraps off and reintroduced its 9-11 Commemorative Chin Strap™.

Designed to retrofit to any existing dress cap, the 9-11 Chin Strap with the red bloodline running down its middle serves as a connector and a reminder of the selfless heroics of those firefighters lost. It also provides a meaningful, tangible, inclusive and affordable way for departments to honor those involved in the tragedy of 9-11.

“Those of us currently in the Fire Service will never forget the events of September 11, 2001. For Fire Service posterity, the Memorial Chin Straps will be a visual and permanent reminder of those that lost their lives and help us to never forget! If we remain vigil, learn all we can from this event, we will be prepared and the Memorial Chin Strap will have served its purpose.” Mike Brown, Past President IAFC

In the few months since its reintroduction, 25 State Chief or Firefighter Associations made the decision to become ‘beneficiary associations’ and help make available the 9-11 Commemorative Chin Strap™ to their state’s firefighters.

The 9-11 Straps are not available in the public domain. Access is through participating State Association websites. Look to see if your state has linked to the Program. If not, you can find more information at

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