Announcing the 9-11 Commemorative Chin Strap from Lighthouse Uniforms

Inspired by Mike Hughes, a retired Chicago F.D. Batt. Chief and shared with us by his son Jerry, a CFD Lieutenant, the Lighthouse Uniform Company proudly and with humility introduces its 9-11 Commemorative Chin Strap.

The hope is this Commemorative Chin Strap will mark 9-11 as one of the Fire Services ‘greatest days’ and help us remember those brave men and women who lost their lives who were 'doing their job’, and insure we never forget.

The 9-11 Commemorative Chin Strap with the red ‘blood line’ is available in black, silver and gold.

Departments wanting to upgrade their current dress caps should call the Lighthouse Uniform Company at 1-800-426-5225. 

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