Lighthouse Uniform Introduces it's Newest Innovation

Seattle, WA - Lighthouse Uniform Company is very pleased to introduce its Class A Creator™ Dress Uniform Illustrator Tool to the Fire Service Community.

The Class A Creator™ is an easy to use ‘build your own dress uniform’ tool that has the capacity to design a single uniform or a whole department’s uniform complement. It will also store and manage corresponding specifications. The Class A Creator™ is available at no charge.

About Lighthouse Uniform Company

In business since 1955, the Lighthouse Uniform Company manufactures a high quality, wool blend dress uniform for the Fire Service, EMS, Federation of Fire Chaplains, Knights Templar, Merchant Marine and Yacht Clubs. Visit us at The Lighthouse is the home of the Fallen Fighter Dress Uniform Program, Fallen EMT Dress Uniform Program, ‘With All Due Respect’ LODD Resource Program, 1st EVER EMS ‘Dressed for Success’ Team Competition, the 9-11 Commemorative Chin Strap™ Program and the Class A Creator™. 

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