New ReadyVIZ™ Stow-Away Vest Adds High-Visibility Protection to First Responder Gear

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Philadelphia, PA — Ricochet™ Manufacturing, Inc., has added the new ANSI-certified, high-visibility ReadyVIZ™ Stow-Away Vest to its line of breathable protective gear for first responders. Integrated into Ricochet’s NFPA 1999 and NFPA 1951 certified jackets, this unique vest offers added flexibility because it can be deployed quickly and worn over the jacket, or it can be removed and worn separately, depending on the environment at the emergency scene.

Certified to both ANSI/ISEA 107-2004-Class 2 and ANSI/ISEA 207-2006-Class 2, the ReadyVIZ™ vest is stored in a specially designed pocket in the lower back of Ricochet’s Vantage II Series EMS Jackets and Technical Rescue Series Jackets without compromising the gear’s NFPA certification. For easy and quick deployment, the vest has a pull tab in the pocket and a hook-and-loop closure in the front. In addition, the vest has five hook-and-loop breakaway points on the shoulders, sides and front of the jacket for added safety.

By combining this vest with Ricochet’s high-quality line of EMS and technical rescue jackets, first responders are clearly visible at an emergency scene while remaining protected against both flash fire and hazardous liquids and chemicals. The CROSSTECH® Fabric used in Ricochet jackets and pants provides a certified barrier against body fluids, bloodborne pathogens, and common accident scene chemicals. At the same time, this fabric increases comfort by allowing perspiration vapor to escape, which reduces heat stress. CROSSTECH® Fabric is the premier breathable barrier for use in these applications.

Peter Askey, President of Ricochet™ Manufacturing, Inc., emphasizes the company’s commitment to providing garments that meet the specific needs of the first responder. He states, “Our customers asked us for a high-visibility, flame-resistant garment. Our design team realizes the importance of safety at an emergency scene, but we also understand that the first responder needs flexibility and mobility to be able to react to the situation. By integrating the ReadyVIZ™ Stow-Away Vest into our existing line of EMS and Technical Rescue jackets with CROSSTECH® Fabric, we can deliver the convenience of having one set of lightweight, high-visibility gear that is flame-resistant and provides hazardous fluid protection without compromising comfort.”

RICOCHET™ MANUFACTURING: For more than 20 years, Ricochet™ Manufacturing, Inc., has specialized in designing the ultimate in protective EMS and technical rescue clothing. Drawing on its extensive experience in developing sophisticated high-tech military gear, Ricochet™ manufactures lightweight, non-restrictive protective clothing using the highest quality materials for maximum comfort and safety. Ricochet™ Manufacturing is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and produces all of its products in the United States. For more information about Ricochet’s complete line of EMS and technical rescue clothing, call 888.462.1999 or visit

W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATES: With more than $2 billion in sales and 8,000 employees worldwide, W. L. Gore & Associates specializes in fluoropolymer innovations that improve the quality of life. Gore has applied its world-renowned expertise to thousands of high-performance solutions in pharmaceutical, consumer, industrial, electronic, medical, and surgical markets. Specifically in the protective fabrics arena, Gore has been a pioneer in developing high-performance barrier products for use in firefighting, EMS, technical rescue, law enforcement, military, and domestic preparedness applications. The company operates more than 45 facilities worldwide with headquarters in Newark, Delaware, USA. For more information about CROSSTECH® Fabric, call 800.431.GORE or 410.392.3600, or visit

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