TenCate Expands Product Portfolio with TenCate Tecasafe Plus 580

Atlanta, Georgia - TenCate Protective Fabrics Americas, the market leader in the field of inherently flame-resistant (FR) fabrics, expands the TenCate Tecasafe Plus product portfolio with the introduction of TenCate Tecasafe Plus 580, a lighter weight option for industrial safety apparel. This family of products has reached an international sales of over three million yards since its introduction.

Elliad Granger, Director of Marketing at TenCate Protective Fabrics Americas states: "Since its initial introduction three years ago, TenCate Tecasafe Plus has become a force in the industrial flame-resistant fabric market. And now its reach is expanding. Engineered as a lighter weight option for industrial workers, electrical linemen and petroleum and gas workers, the new TenCate Tecasafe Plus 580 delivers durability, safety and, above all, comfort".

At 5.8 ounces per square yard, TenCate Tecasafe Plus 580 is ideal for shirts and coveralls. The innovative cellulosic blend provides comfort superior to traditional FR fabric options. Granger adds: ‘TenCate Tecasafe Plus 580 combines its soft hand feel with excellent moisture management to keep the wearer cool and dry. The fabric design and durability will provide a long garment life that stands up to multiple launderings. It is also inherently FR to ensure the fabric’s heat and flame protection will never wash or wear out’.

Excellent and Certified Protection

TenCate Tecasafe Plus 580 is certified to NFPA 2112 and is NFPA 70E HRC 1 compliant. This ensures excellent protection against flash fire and electric arc flash hazards. The protective fabric can be dyed in a variety of colors such as light blue, khaki and royal blue.

Elliad Granger states: ‘This remarkable fabric is suited for use in industrial safety protective apparel, wildlands and firefighting garments and as station wear for structural firefighters and first responders. Leveraging the technology and success of TenCate Tecasafe Plus 700 and 850, TenCate Tecasafe Plus 580 is positioned to become a leading choice in the field. The product portfolio of FR woven fabrics is available in three weights: 5.8, 7.0, and 8.5 ounces per square yard. At a low initial cost, and lower cost per wear than FR treated cotton, TenCate Tecasafe Plus not only offers greater value, but it is commercially available in all three weights today. Potentially fatal workplace accidents do not wait, and in the face of the current shortage of FR treated cotton, TenCate Tecasafe Plus is the obvious choice for workers who need affordable and comfortable protection now’.

Joint forces

TenCate Protective Fabrics North America has joined forces with its channel partners to fill the gap left by FR treated cotton, and to meet the upsurge in demand for FR clothing. Cooperation within the value chain leads to maximum quality control by all parties involved in the development process, resulting in integral quality assurance. This is fully in line with the system approach advocated by TenCate.

About TenCate

TenCate Protective Fabrics is a world leader in the design, development, production and commercialization of protective and safety fabrics for industry, services, firefighting and defense. TenCate Protective Fabrics has establishments in North America, Europe, South America and Asia.

Royal Ten Cate (TenCate) is a multinational company which combines textile technology with related chemical processes and material technology in the development and production of functional materials with distinctive characteristics. Products of TenCate are sold worldwide. Systems and materials from TenCate come under four areas of application: safety & protection, space & aerospace, infrastructure & the environment, and sport & recreation. TenCate occupies leading positions in protective fabrics, composites for space and aerospace, antiballistics, geosynthetics and synthetic turf. TenCate is listed on the NYSE Euronext (AMX). 

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