English Mountain Fire Department Receives $24,000 in Donated Turnout Gear from Globe Manufacturing

To celebrate 125 years in business, Globe donates 144 sets of turnout gear to 16 deserving volunteer fire departments.  
Partnering with National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) and DuPont, Globe is proud to announce the English Mountain Volunteer Fire Department in Sevierville, Tenn., is the latest recipient of 12 sets of turnout gear.  
The town of Sevierville lies in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, where the terrain is tough and volunteers are scarce.  Its annual budget does not allow for many capital improvements so only two sets of turnout are worthy of interior fire fighting.  “We mainly stick to exterior fire fighting,” says Firefighter Tony Ortiz, “but when a rescue is necessary, we don’t look at the date of our gear before going in.”
Many firefighters have to borrow gear for training drills and live burns.
Ortiz says their firefighters have been willing to risk personal safety wearing worn out gear, but this donation happily fixes that.
Globe estimates the cost to replace one firefighter suit is over $2,000.  “We know volunteer departments have been hit especially hard over the last few years,” Globe Marketing Manager Stephanie McQuade says, “and we just want to do our part to ensure first responders have confidence in their gear to be the heroes they are.”
Globe and the NVFC got more than 2,600 applications from volunteer fire departments across the country.  “Many volunteer departments are struggling to meet basic expenses,” says Kimberly Quiros, Director of Communication, NVFC. “We are thrilled to partner with Globe and DuPont to provide local departments with safe, up-to-date protective gear to continue saving lives.”
About Globe
Globe is the largest and most trusted manufacturer of structural firesuits in the world. Over the years, Globe has been responsible for introducing many of the materials, designs, and construction methods we now take for granted in firefighter suits. Globe was the first manufacturer in the fire service to use DuPont NOMEX® inherently flame resistant materials. Learn more at


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