Incidental Sewing & Design Provides Custom-Made Wildland Clothing & Gear

Incidental Sewing & Design is a debut clothing company, specializing in customized and made-to-order work wear including Nomex. Owned and operated by a wildland firefighter, Incidental's mission is to provide comfortable and hassle-free garments and gear, built for hard labor and fitting the exact needs of the customer. Based in the Chicago area, Incidental works online and through the mail to serve firefighters and working people everywhere.

Clients can choose from any or all of three options. The first is custom-made garments from scratch, in which case the client provides his or her measurements and Incidental builds an item based entirely on those measurements. This is useful for individuals who fall outside of or in between standard sizes.

The second option is to customize, alter or repair an existing item. Incidental can change the size of a garment, add pockets or other features, or repair damage. This option is perfect for firefighters who are issued standard uniforms. And as a third option, for people who work their clothes to death and want to keep wearing them, is the duplication of an existing garment. Clients may send their favorite pair of Nomex pants, for example, and Incidental will then use them a pattern for exact re-creation.

“I want people to come to me with complaints or ideas about standard-issue garments,” says owner/operator Bria Fleming, “and I want to fix it all. When you have a drip-torch or a chainsaw in your hands, the last thing you need is distraction from something as basic as inconvenient or ill-fitting clothes. I want to build quality stuff that has everything we need and nothing we don't.”

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