Black Helmet Apparel Hosted a Photoshoot at Firehouse World

Black Helmet Apparel has never used professional models to promote their products. Almost all the photos on our site are firefighters. Then we thought- why not take that concept a bit further?

With that in mind, we hosted a photo booth during Firehouse World where we let our customers become Black Helmet models! We all had a ton of fun and everyone looks great. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Check out the I am Black Helmet- Firehouse World photo shoot on Facebook.

We'll be doing the same during FDIC - hope to see you there!

About Black Helmet Apparel

Black Helmet Apparel was founded by a fireman for firefighters. All the designs are hand drawn, and unique. You'll find no clip art here. You'll only find the images that relay the fearless, but frightening side of our job. One look should invoke the feeling you feel on the way to the column, and the satisfaction you feel once the fire is out. We don't want cheesy sayings. Just the simple message. Smoke Showin'. Aggressive Attack. Adapt and Overcome. Fight Fire. Fire Out.  

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