DSI Launches Innovative ID Badge System for Fire, Police, EMS

Dynamic Systems, Inc., a leader in data collection applications announces the launch of a low cost ID Badge System for Emergency agencies

Redmond, WA -- Dynamic Systems, Inc. (DSI) announced the launch of The Checkmate Badge System for Emergency Services. These cards identify authorized personnel (law enforcement, firefighters, EMS) and control access to secure facilities or scenes. Each Checkmate System includes an all-in-one starter kit that includes a card printer, card stock, ribbons, and camera if needed.  The badges can be either single or dual sided and can include photos.

There are many choices of anti-counterfeiting features to chose from such as: barcodes, magnetic strips and embedded security holograms. These are a popular choice for use by Emergency Agencies.  “I’m impressed with the simplicity and adaptability of your ID Badge System.  It’s affordable for most organizations, even those with just a few employees,” stated Bill Allen, Process Control Consultant. See ID Badge System for more information.

About Dynamic Systems (DSI)
DSI has been providing systems that track tools & equipment, documents, inventory, and time and attendance since 1981. Barcode Tracking  has been proven to be one the most accurate and efficient methods of tracking or counting items.

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