SymbolArts Obtains a Large Contract to do Iraq Fire Department Badges

SymbolArts has obtained a contract to do the Iraq Fire-Rescue badges. This will be the largest badge order in the history of SymbolArts. SymbolArts will ship to Baghdad by year-end 10,500 badges to be worn by the Iraq's Fire Chiefs, Officers and Firefighters.

These will be USA made badges. The Iraq Fire-Rescue's intent was to utilize a US company to make their badges. They wanted to have a first class, high quality badge. SymbolArts was chosen do to their reputation, as the leader in the industry for producing jewelry badges. SymbolArts also does pins, patches, coins, rings, key chains and service awards. They are known nationwide for their superior quality and close attention to detail and colors in their badges and products.

The Iraq Fire-Rescue will order two types of badges. One for their Chiefs, Officers and the other for their Fire Fighters. Both badges will be unique in design to both include Arabic and English characters on the badge.

This is an excellent opportunity for SymbolArts to help in their international business. SymbolArts is privileged to do the badges for the Iraq Fire-Rescue and to help the country of Iraq, by providing them a badge that they will wear proudly as they serve the citizens of Iraq.


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