Can we Talk? 2005 Virginia Interoperable Communications Conference

Would Virginia’s 1st Responder Communications Stand Up To A Katrina?

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina “radio interoperability” continues to be one of the most critical challenges facing first-responders – the Achilles heel of quick and effective response to catastrophic terrorism or a natural disaster. Local, state and federal agencies have the immediate need to talk with one another to coordinate life-saving, security and resource mobilization activities – despite often using incompatible radio equipment.

  • Learn about the Commonwealth of Virginia’s initiatives in providing for statewide and community level interoperability.
  • See first-hand equipment such as the “Incident Commander’s Radio Interface” (ICRITM), the interoperability device widely deployed throughout the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast region and used by departments throughout Virginia. A laptop size, battery-powered device, the ICRI allows first-responders to bridge commercial trunking and conventional radios, military radios, satellite, cell, and land-line telephones, in less than five minutes without specialized training.


The 2005 Virginia Interoperable Communications Conference
The Commonwealth Interoperability Coordination Office was created by Virginia Governor Mark Warner, Secretary of the Office of Public Safety, and Assistant for Commonwealth Preparedness, to improve public safety response in the Commonwealth through “reliable, real time, and adequate wireless interoperable communications.” In collaboration with the federal SAFECOM program, the Commonwealth developed a locally-driven statewide strategic plan for communications interoperability.

Ramada Plaza Resort
Virginia Beach, Virginia
directions - (757) 428-7025 or (800) 365-3032.

October 4 & 5, 2005
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Departments & Agencies using the ICRI, include:
Alleghany County - Amherst County Public Safety Office - Arlington County Public Schools - Bedford County Fire and Rescue - Campbell County - Charlottesville Fire Department - Covington Emergency Services - Craig County - Elliston Fire Department - Fairfax County Fire and Rescue - Ft. Monroe - Joint Task Force-Civil Support (JTF-CS) - Lynchburg Emergency Communications Center - Marine Corps Support Fleet Battalion - National Capitol Region Radio Cache - National Reconnaissance Center - Navy Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Safety - Pentagon Force Protection Agency - Poquoson Police Department - Prince William County - Roanoke County - Salem Fire Department - Transportation Security Agency - US Penitentiary, Lee County - Virginia Department of Emergency Management - Virginia State Police

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