Exciting announcements from Google Teams in support of first responders

Google’s Nest brand and the Leary Firefighter Foundation have announced the two winners to their 3rd Annual Thank You Grant. The maker of the Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarm and the national firefighter foundation asked communities to support outstanding public safety personnel, prompting them to nominate their local department for the grant opportunity. Ultimately, the Hobart (IN) and Dunkirk (MD) fire departments were chosen by Leary Firefighter Foundation to receive $25,000 grants.

With the grant, the Hobart Fire Department will be able to purchase new software and tablets to help streamline reporting systems and allow for smooth transitions between calls and investigations. The Dunkirk Fire Department,a 100% volunteer department,will use its $25,000 to add three thermal imaging cameras to its arsenal that will aid in searches of trapped occupants on emergency calls.

A video and more details announcing the winners can be found here.

Google has announced they are granting $1 million to help The First Responder Support Network (FRSN), an organization that provides education and assistance to first responders who are still recovering from trauma or incidents that impact their day-to-day life and thoughts, such as a child who didn’t make it or a wounded colleague.  

FRSN’s one-week residential programs offer first responders access to counselors attuned to their unique experiences with a 2:1 ratio of volunteer peers who can share how they coped with similar situations. The waiting list for these programs is up to six months long. This grant will help expand its operations in Missouri, Arizona and Oregon, as well as help them open in at least two new locations by 2020. In addition, Google will fund 80 scholarships for first responders who might not otherwise be able to attend the program.

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