ICE AppTM, the "In Case of Emergency" iPhone Application, Is Free and Just Might Save Your Life and Donate Life America Engineer ICE App to Help Users Easily Input the Comprehensive Information First Responders Need the Most

Los Angeles, CA -(Marketwire) - The moment most accidents or emergencies occur, the clock starts ticking in the "golden hour" where every move by a first responder can mean the difference between life and death -- and not just for the people directly involved. Access to information about allergies, pre-existing medical conditions and current medication is crucial to immediate and effective treatment. If the victim is incapacitated, the first responders are left looking for clues that can help them best deliver treatment. ICE App was created by and Donate Life America to give the 50 million people who own an iPhone or iPod Touch the chance to have a voice when they are unable to speak.

ICE App provides first responders -- paramedics, firefighters, police officers, emergency room personnel, doctors and nurses -- with access to critical information that can potentially save a life in the event of an emergency. Information stored on the iPhone through ICE App includes the patient's name, photograph, date of birth, height and weight; emergency contact names and numbers; medical conditions, blood type, food allergies, medication allergies, and current medications; plus the patient's organ donation preference.

"We created ICE App to enable every iPhone user to better protect themselves in a matter of minutes," said Brian Liu, co-founder and chairman of "ICE App is free, it's easy to set-up, and it puts critical patient information in the hands of first responders."

"Ninety percent of Americans think organ donation is the right thing to do, yet only 28 percent have taken the appropriate steps to register as a donor. With over 104,000 Americans currently waiting for a lifesaving transplant, it is vital that everyone wishing to be an organ donor take action and register," said David Fleming, president, Donate Life America. "Since our new ICE App is free, we hope it will motivate iPhone users to not only register as a donor, but also share their decision and tell others to get the free app for themselves. If you don't have an iPhone, please visit to find out how to register as a donor in your state."

ICE App is available as a free download from the iTunes Application Store. Once ICE App is installed, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the contact and medical information. Upon completion, place the ICE App icon where first responders can most easily find it -- in the top right corner of your touch screen. All ICE App information lives on the iPhone -- and not the Web -- ensuring private information is kept safe and that first responders have access to information even when the phone has a weak or no cellular signal.

The free ICE App from LegalZoom and Donate Life America can be found in the iPhone Apps Store by searching for "ice-app".

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About Donate Life America
Donate Life America is a national nonprofit alliance of national partners and state teams dedicated to saving and enhancing lives through increasing organ, eye and tissue donation. Donate Life America encourages every American to register as a donor in their state and to share that action with friends and family. Please visit to find out more about Donate Life America and how to register as a donor in your state.

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