OCENS Promotes “Test Your Phone” Week

Satellite phone owners should periodically test their phones to make sure they are in full working order.

Seattle, WA – OCENS, a leading provider of satellite equipment, airtime, and data services and authorized Iridium dealer recommends satellite phone owners to regularly test their phones to ensure they are fully functional prior to an emergency situation.

The Test Your Satellite Phone program was established by Iridium to support first responders, emergency workers, government agencies and anyone else who might be in a life-threatening situation with access to satellite communications. By taking a few quick steps to ensure the operational status of their satellite phone, users are better prepared for a sudden emergency.

Test Your Satellite Phone Week is May 23-28, 2011 and OCENS wants to help communicate the importance of emergency preparedness. Instructions on how to test your phone along with other satellite phone support can be found on line here:

The more familiar you are with your satellite phone and the more you test it before an emergency, the better prepared you will be, should the need arise to use it.

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