Aladtec announces milestones: over 100,000 public safety employees now use the workforce management system and a half-billion employee shift hours have been scheduled with it

Minneapolis/St. Paul - Aladtec, Inc., the popular provider of an online employee scheduling and workforce management system for the Public Safety Sector, has recently achieved two significant milestones. With nearly 1,700 Public Safety Sector customers, Aladtec now serves more than 100,000 individual users through their Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) system. In addition, their customers have scheduled over a half-billion shift hours through the Aladtec system.

The online software was developed in 2002 to help Wisconsin’s Ellsworth Area Ambulance Service with their scheduling issues by creating a system that was available via the Internet. Fast forward, and today Aladtec has become a powerful and valuable tool for hundreds of agencies throughout North America.

Many organizations still use outdated administrative methods to run their departments, often due to budgetary constraints. Even though Public Safety budgets are typically tight, agencies report the subscription based Aladtec is well worth the investment. This is due to a number of factors, including: tremendous time savings; reduced overtime; reduction in errors; moving to a paperless office; better communication; improved efficiency and improved employee morale.

The Aladtec online software system is much more than just an employee scheduling tool - the system provides:

  • Mobility - The system is accessible 24/7 from any computer, smartphone or mobile device with Internet access
  • Forms – Create, submit, review and store forms within the system to track vehicle maintenance, inventory, etc.
  • Employee Data Management – Easily store and access contact information, certifications, etc.
  • Event Calendar – Post training sessions, meetings and public appearances
  • Library – Share documents, training videos and meeting notes with staff
  • Payroll Integration – Export work hours to various payroll software systems
  • Reporting Capabilities – Create custom reports with any data within the system
  • Messaging – Email or text message individuals, groups or all employees immediately
  • Discussions – Engage staff in conversations and relay information
  • System Log – Keep track of all activities within the system - no more he said she said
  • Sync Calendars – Sync personal and work calendars into one
  • Time Clock – An add-on option for time and attendance verification

    Aladtec also offers customers a dedicated support team to provide free training and ongoing system support. Software updates and optimizations are always complimentary as well. In addition, the company offers a free demo for potential customers to make sure Aladtec is a good fit for their organization.


    "Because we are a smaller volunteer service we really value the amount of time Aladtec saves us. I save as much as 20 hours a week now. It used to take me hours and hours to create the schedules, balance shifts and figure out who was available when. This online crew scheduling system is great for morale, it’s easy to navigate, it's user friendly, it provides great assistance in seeing a snapshot of what is going on, and it's a huge communication improvement for our department."
    -Eric Strout, Director, G&H Ambulance Service, Glenburn, ME

    "I like using the mobile app because I can send out a page remotely. The crew can see who has which shifts, or detail assignments, and they can request swaps from home or from anywhere."
    -Rob Browne, Captain, Goffstown Police Department, Goffstown, NH

    "Aladtec's Event Calendar has been a great help to us. We now have all our public education on the calendar along with our training schedule. In the past, a lot of paper was used to print this out with updates coming almost every day. And, I believe all our fire department members use the mobile app to be able to see their days off, work, and receive text messages about trades. Lastly, payroll has become a lot easier. I’m told that over two hours worth of work for payroll has gone down to forty-five minutes using reports from the Aladtec system."
    -Paul Gardner Jr., Deputy Chief, Berwyn Fire Department, Berwyn, IL

    "What we like about Aladtec is: the ability to set-up repeats and rotations; the ability for staff to enter in time off; their ability to pick-up shifts with little management involvement; and the ability to access our schedule through the Internet from anywhere at any time."
    -Carl Homa, Operations Manager,Temple Health System Transport Team, Philadelphia, PA

    "Because it's subscription based, it was definitely a factor in my decision to choose this system as the company includes tech support and upgrades are free. When I have a question, I simply ask support and don't have to worry about being charged a fee for it. Since 9-1-1 is a 24-hour operation, and tends to have some pretty funky shifts, this program is perfect for us."
    -Sherri Lovett, 9-1-1 Coordinator, Office of Emergency Services, Elk County 9-1-1, Ridgway, PA

    About Aladtec:
    They proudly provide online employee scheduling and workforce management software to nearly 1,700 organizations, primarily within the Public Safety Sector. These customers count on Aladtec every day to help them save time and improve efficiency. For information about their affordable industry specific options, or to try a free demo, please visit

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