Aladtec Assists Grant Park Fire District (IL) - Resolve Shift Trading Issues, Improve Productivity & Save 40 Hours a Month

This agency resolves all shift trade/call-off problems by switching to online scheduling and improves productivity by moving all office forms to the Cloud.

Kankakee, IL – Although it's common in the Public Safety sector to allow shift trades between members - actually making, approving, documenting and running reports on trades can be a battle. Grant Park Fire District was struggling to keep the schedule for their 36 members up-to-date and to keep track of all their shift trades and call-offs. They determined it was time to look for an Internet based workforce management system.

"We previously used emailing and a spreadsheet to schedule our employees. Individuals would email their availability, then we'd manually figure out the schedule based on who could work when. We'd then create the schedule on a spreadsheet and distribute it. This method was deficient because we couldn't easily deal with, or track, trades and call-offs," explains Matt Shronts, Deputy Fire Chief. "After trying out three different vendors, we determined Aladtec not only has the best online scheduling and workforce management system, but they also offer the most software system options and the quickest most reliable customer support. Upon implementing Aladtec, we found 100% of our scheduling problems were resolved."

Aladtec allows members to submit their availability and make trades within the system. Because the schedule is online, it's always current and trades and call-offs are easily tracked. Many processes, such as shift trades, can be automated which saves administrators a tremendous amount of time.

"Our Aladtec system saves us approximately 40 hours a month - that's an entire week in time available to devote to other responsibilities. We also save time and effort dealing with the various agency forms we have," shares Shronts. "We've completely moved away from countless pages of paper by moving our forms online to Aladtec. All of our maintenance requests, drug inventory, daily and weekly ambulance/apparatus checks, along with many other forms, are handled within our Aladtec system. Employees complete and submit any given form within the Forms section. As soon as a form is submitted we automatically receive notification if an issue has been identified on the form, so it can be addressed in a timely manner. We immediately know the status of our vehicles and we can ensure our equipment is present and functioning properly at all times. Aladtec also allows our forms to be archived for days, weeks, months or even years."

Aladtec's Forms feature allows organizations to move to a paperless work flow. Although there are a number of commonly used forms within the system, such as: a work order; vehicle log; and an incident report, customers really value the ability to create any form they require with the customizable form option.

An online workforce management system greatly improves overall job satisfaction as it is accessible 24/7, improves communication and eliminates the stress associated with antiquated scheduling methods. "I can safely say Aladtec has created a much smoother personnel management environment for our organization. In the technology based world we live in today, Aladtec truly enhances our ability to be productive," concludes Shronts. "It's a very valuable, and irreplaceable, asset at our agency."

About Grant Park Fire District: With their station in Grant Park, Illinois - this agency covers 62 square miles in the northeast corner of Kankakee County. It is a combination department with a full time Fire Chief, along with 36 part-time and paid on call employees. They have proudly been serving their community since 1954.

About Aladtec:
They proudly provide online employee scheduling and workforce management software to over 1,600 organizations, primarily within the Public Safety Sector. These customers count on Aladtec every day to help them save time and improve efficiency. For information about their affordable industry specific options, or to try a free demo, please visit

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