Burnaby Fire Department Goes Live with FDM Software’s Integrated Records Management Solution

North Vancouver, BC The Burnaby Fire Department, Burnaby, British Columbia went live with FDM Records Management System (RMS) and Mobile RMS on June 25th.

In December 2008, the Burnaby Fire Department began looking into upgrading their RMS. “We were looking for a flexible software package that could be customized to fit our needs,” says Deputy Chief of Operations, Shaun Redmond. “After reviewing the products available, we felt that FDM was the best solution available.” The department recently went live with FDM RMS Personnel, Properties, Training and Inspection modules.

“The transition to FDM has been very smooth,” continues Redmond. “Throughout the entire process, we have received great support from FDM staff. Later this year we will be adding the Incident Reporting Module. Adding this module will result in a large increase in the number of personnel who will have access to the program. This will require a significant amount of planning and training. Normally, we would have concerns about this, but judging how smoothly the first two modules were implemented, we are confident that FDM will assist us through a seamless transition. We are looking forward to adding this module and reaping the operational benefits.”

“We are very pleased to play an active part in the safety of our community, Greater Vancouver, by adding Burnaby to our list of valued clients,” says FDM President Ed Colin.

About Burnaby Fire Department

The Burnaby Fire Department provides Emergency Response, Fire Prevention and Public Education Services to the City of Burnaby. Each element is critical to the Fire Department and represents investments in the short and long-term public safety infrastructure of the community.

The Fire Service has a special set of responsibilities and will continue to develop and expand its role within the community and strive to not only meet, but exceed, expectations in the area of customer service.

About FDM Software Ltd.

With more than 20 years experience, FDM Software is a market leader in the provision of Fire/EMS enterprise solutions. The company provides powerful and flexible Records Management (RMS) and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) solutions with more than 120 installations, serving 400 jurisdictions throughout North America.

FDM is focused on providing the best public safety product in the industry backed by exceptional 24x7 customer service. Based in North Vancouver, BC, FDM also has offices in Ontario, Canada and Missouri, North Carolina, Utah and Washington State, USA.

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