Hitech Systems Launches SafetyNet Property Control System (PCS)

Web-based application lets law enforcement and fire protection manage their equipment and supplies in real time with unprecedented accuracy and security, while achieving compliance with regulatory requirements.

Encino, Calif. - Hitech Systems (, a technology company that specializes in building solutions for the law enforcement and emergency-response industry, today announced the availability of SafetyNet® PCS, a property-control system that gives public safety agencies the power to ensure management control of their equipment and supplies. The product integrates with Hitech''s other SafetyNet modules, and is designed to help agencies comply with government regulations, contracts and grants, equipment maintenance schedules, and requisition/replenishment requirements.

From 911 call centers to records management, every aspect of public safety is managed by software systems that not only need to work 100% of the time but also must integrate seamlessly with one another. Hitech Systems'' SafetyNet suite of platform-independent products makes this possible for local, state, and federal agencies. The company delivers unparalleled customer service and customization options that give users the confidence to install, implement, tailor, and deploy SafetyNet year after year.

SafetyNet PCS can be used on any computer or tablet with any browser, including Internet Explorer and Firefox, meaning that users do not have to install any new software. It also offers industry-leading security features to ensure that information is only available to authorized users. "SafetyNet PCS solves the problem of managing supplies and equipment for public safety agencies," says Jaime Lim. Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Hitech Systems. "Users simply log in through their computers or tablets to get full visibility into every aspect of their property-management operations, and records may be imported to and exported from any of the data tables using a variety of popular data formats, including CSV, XML and SQL."

About Hitech Systems
For 30 years, Hitech Systems ( has built and deployed SafetyNet technology that helps hundreds of public safety organizations-including law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies-integrate their operations and provide the highest levels of service to communities throughout the United States and Mexico, and around the world.

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