Oswego Fire Department Works with Allegiance Tablet PC Experts to go Paperless

Lake Oswego FDWhen firefighters at Lake Oswego Fire Department endeavored to conduct fire inspections they chose the Motion F5 Tablet PCs to achieve an entirely paperless and electronic process. The team felt that by providing the ability to access and input data electronically, fire inspections would be more accurate and the inspectors more efficient and productive. Lake Oswego Fire Department started with the purchase of FIREHOUSE Software® Mobile Inspection Software, and realized after the deployment that they would need a hardware solution that was rugged enough for harsh conditions and powerful enough to run the solution, as well as additional applications.

"We really needed hardware and software built around our processes and designed to work in our environment," said Gert Zoutendijk, Deputy Fire Marshal, Lake Oswego Fire Department.

"The software solution running on the F5s is easy to use, and the rugged design makes me feel confident that they will be able to withstand the often harsh conditions encountered by our firefighters."

The fire department's manual, paper-based method was time consuming and manually intensive, requiring double documentation which often resulted in inaccurate or missing information. After choosing the inspection software, Zoutendijk worked with John Hill of Allegiance Tablet PC Experts, a Motion reseller and expert in tablet PC deployments, who introduced the Motion F5 Rugged Tablet PC.

"Prior to learning about the F5s, we had been using other rugged computers, but they were too heavy, too expensive and too cumbersome to carry around the inspection site," added Zoutendijk. "The F5 is ergonomic and thin with a convenient integrated handle, and since it's all enclosed and rugged it protects the system against dust, moisture and other elements."

Another feature which drew Zoutendijk towards adoption was the F5's integrated technologies, including the digital camera which is great for documenting inspections. "Sometimes we encounter unusual situations or conditions and the ability to document and attach pictures directly into our records is an excellent benefit," said Zoutendijk. "The F5 is also configurable with a wide array of accessories such as carrying cases, shoulder straps and mounts that really support the firefighters' mobility."

With the adoption of the Motion F5s, the Lake Oswego Fire Department looks forward to rolling out full implementation in the near future. Additionally, Zoutendijk also plans on utilizing the F5 for EMS charting. "When people's lives are at stake, we need reliable technology solutions that help us improve care, and the F5s are ideal for this application," added Zoutendijk.

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