Beyond 1041: How to elevate your instruction style to best engage firefighters

Tips for instructing firefighters via coaching on the training ground, teaching in the classroom or virtual platform, or presenting with PowerPoint

As the fire service continues to change, so too do the ways we choose to teach, coach and train our volunteer and career members.

NFPA 1041: Standard for Fire and Emergency Services Instructor Professional Qualifications provides an excellent foundation for new instructors, and I strongly recommend that all instructors seek out certification and accreditation while advancing their career. But while NFPA 1041 is a great foundation, we must go beyond the standard to create a personal system that is effective and engaging for students.

Why is this essential for fire service instructors? Let’s face it, we have all sat through the mind-numbing PowerPoint presentations where the instructor essentially just read off the slides. This is not only ineffective and unengaging, it’s an insult to your students to not be prepared enough to add some energy into a presentation.

Here we’ll cover some ideas you can use to be more effective in your training style.

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