AHLS can Prepare your Department for a HAZMAT Incident

Advanced HAZMAT Life Support (AHLS) is the most comprehensive training program to provide the critical skills needed to treat victims exposed to toxic substances. Whether from acts of terrorism, industrial accidents, or chemical spills on the country's interstate or railroad systems, the threat of life-threatening hazmat exposures is at an all time high.

Hospital and prehospital medical professionals need to rapidly recognize the symptoms of toxic exposure and immediately provide appropriate treatment. Join the more than 10,000 physicians, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals and become an AHLS verified Provider to be ready to face the medical challenges of hazmat incidents, such as chemical spills or toxic terrorism. Continuing Education credits are available to AHLS participants through AMA, ACPE, ACEP and CECBEMS.

In the United States, training funds from the Office of Grants and Training (formerly Office of Domestic Preparedness) can possibly be used to host or attend an AHLS course. Contact your state's Homeland Security Director for more information. Learn more about using your G&T funding for AHLS.

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