Extinguishing a Chimney Fire -- A Simple Solution to an Old Problem

Seattle, Washington – Firefighters throughout the United States will respond to more than 14,000 house fires started by fireplaces or wood stoves this year according to the National Fire Protection Association. Firefighters caution against trying to fight a chimney fire on your own and to never pour water down a chimney to extinguish a fire as doing so will crack the chimney liner and cause even more damage than the fire could cause. Is there a simple solution other than helplessly watching and waiting for the chimney fire to burn itself out?

Clark Schaefer, CEO of MEECO Mfg. Co., Inc., a manufacturer of safety and maintenance products for the solid fuel industry, may have found the answer. His company’s new product, FireEx™, is a specialized zinc oxide compound that when burned emits a cloud of smoke so thick it extinguishes a chimney fire in less than two minutes and prevents the creosote from reigniting.

Before creating FireEx, Schaefer found the only product on the market, a flare-like device, confusing and counterintuitive.

“In the stressful moments of a chimney fire, when every second counts, you shouldn’t have to read multi-step directions and ignite an unfamiliar device inside your home,” said Schaefer, “We knew that FireEx had to be simple, yet effective ; something that anyone could just grab, toss, and extinguish a chimney fire in minutes; with no damage from using water.”

FireEx has no pre-ignition requirement, is compact and easy to store. Directions are simple: toss the vacuum sealed product into the firebox, close the doors, and in less than two minutes the fire is extinguished.

The product’s claims are backed by Lokee Testing Laboratory, an EPA Wood Stove Accredited Laboratory. “This product completely extinguished a 1200° F creosote fueled chimney fire in a matter of minutes and I am aware of no other product that has been tested using a creosote fueled chimney fire,” said Chip Waddington, owner.

“In an ideal world people would take steps to reduce creosote buildup before it became a problem,” said Clark Schaefer, “Since we don’t live in that world, FireEx is a simple solution for the worst case scenario, and it ensures a little peace of mind for both the homeowners and the fire departments who proudly serve our communities.”

Since 1937 MEECO Manufacturing has developed and produced a complete line of safety and maintenance products for wood stoves, pellet stoves, coal stoves, corn stoves and fireplaces, oil burning furnaces and the gas stove/logset industry. MEECO located in Seattle, Washington is proud to introduce another high quality Made in the USA product. For additional information on this and other MEECO products call 1.800.426.9393.

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