Medical Response to Mass Casualty and Terror Incidents

Operational Response to Mass Casualties  (The ORMAC course) Learning about terror and being determined to preventit is a supremely important goal. However, without a sound,coordinated and well-drilled approach to an incident of MassCasualties, we will never be able to confront acts of terroror natural disasters. This highly acclaimed program, givenby one of the world's experts on MCI's, uses the Israeli approach in a US context to effect a real change in your community.

The mass casualty incident is an organizational challengefor Firemen, Law enforcement, EMT's EMS who are as importantin saving lives as doctors and nurses are in an MCI. Thepresenter shows why an MCI is less about medical responseand more about organizational response - the very organization you need in the field to make a difference.The course can easily be customized for hospital staff or for medical personnel and deal with specific aspects of treating MCI patients. The program is given over one or two days and has been designed to do nothing less than get your community ready.

Using principles learned as Medical Commander for some of the worst MCI's in Israel and all over the world, Associate Professor, Dr. Mauricio Lynn, is a trauma surgeon and the head of Mass Casualty Preparedness and Response at University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Medical Center. Dr. Lynn presents an exciting and vital view of the Israeliapproach to Mass Casualties. His insider knowledge of how US communities work puts this program in the ideal US context. Many of the lessons learned from the Israeli experience were used to better prepare Jackson Memorial Hospital to respond to MCI's after September 11th. Having been on the scene of some of the world's worst tragedies (Earthquake in Turkey, US Embassy bombings, Airplane crashes and more) Dr.Lynn understands MCI's and gives participants the benefit of years of experience as an Israel Defenses Forces Lt. Colonel (ret.) and Flight Surgeon for the Israeli Air Force. 


Principles for Management of Mass Casualty Incidents:

  • Adapting the Israeli approach to the American medical response
  • Welcome, course overview and objectives
  • Definition and characteristics of mass casualty incidents
  • Community Preparedness and experience from Disaster and Mass casualty incident preparedness
  • Lessons learned from deployment to remote disaster areas
  • Conventional Mass Casualty incidents
  • Blast Injuries
  • Medical management of conventional injuries
  • Hospital triage: site organization and principles
  • Chemical / Toxicological mass casualties
  • Epidemiology - What to expect
  • Decontamination for chemical/toxicological events: in the field or at the hospital

Principles of triage and decontamination for chemical/toxicological mass casualties

  • Management of common chemical/toxicological agents
  • Decontamination for Chemical warfare - Video
  • Biological events
  • Epidemiology - What to expect
  • Preparing the hospital for biological incidents
  • "Bug Hospitals"
  • Radiation/Nuclear events
  • Epidemiology - What to expect
  • Field management
  • Preparing the hospital for radiation/nuclear events
  • Hospital and Community Preparedness
  • The Ten Commandments for Sudden mass casualties
  • Organization of drills
  • Summary of course

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