Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund Continues to Help Firefighters Achieve the Dream of Homeownership

Founded in 2005 but re-opening their doors in 2011, Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund has so far helped over 400 families achieve the American Dream of owning their own home. EHHAF plans to help another 500 families by the end of the year.

EHHAF assists Everyday Community Heroes and their families by providing them with grants to assist them with purchasing a home. The grants are true gifts and never need be repaid. The critical work these every day American Heroes do enhances all of our lives. EveryDay Hero Housing Assistance Fund (EHHAF) was formed to enhance their lives by helping them to become homeowners.

EHHAF assists these families in two ways. We provide grants to policemen, firemen, medical professionals and teachers to assist them with closing costs associated with purchasing a home. For families with credit problems, or even bad credit, we can refer you to a top notch credit repair program that helps them improve their credit, and afterwards, to own their own home.

EHHAF has also partnered with The Virtual Sports Academy (VSA) in an effort to combat childhood obesity through exercise and nutrition. “Health is the foundation for quality of life,” says Will Jones, President and CEO of The Virtual Sports Academy. “As EHHAF and MHAF work to provide homes in vibrant American neighborhoods, VSA is working to provide opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity in these communities. The combined efforts of these three organizations encourage the people who live there to embrace a tradition of health and wellness, which, in turn, improves quality of life in each neighborhood. It’s a perfect alliance.”

Let EHHAF help you purchase a home with free closing cost grants today at http://usehhaf.org/.

Learn more about The Virtual Sports Academy (VSA) at http://www.thevirtualsportsacademy.com.

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