Fire department out of commission after fire truck wreck

Firefighters were heading back from fighting a grass fire when they collided with a truck; three firefighters were hurt in the crash

CADDO COUNTY, Okla. — A fire department is out of commission for a few weeks after two of its brush trucks were involved in a crash Tuesday. reported that three of the Twin City (Okla.) Fire Department's eight volunteers were hurt in the wreck.

"In this community, we don't have any fire hydrants, and so these trucks also help fight house fires. They consistently go out on structure fires, on equipment fires for our local farmers. This is the life blood of our fire department," Todd Pack, a Twin City firefighter, said.

The firefighters were heading back from fighting a grass fire when they collided with another truck.

"It was very rattling. Our first instinct was to check on everyone who was involved. Even though there were other firefighters who were injured, they immediately began to check on the other individuals," firefighter Todd Pack said.

Fire officials said the rigs are worth about $150,000 and they don't expect insurance to fully cover the costs. It will be a couple weeks before the department can get back to work.

"Well, you feel helpless because, anytime there's a need in our community you want to be able to fulfill that need. That's why we volunteer," Assistant Chief Kenneth Pack said.

The cause of the crash is currently under investigation.

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