Keep an eye on traffic


By Mark van der Feyst

Many of our calls for response involve vehicle accidents on roadways. These roadways can be two-lane roads right up to major interstates. Regardless of the size of road, there are two common denominators: the driver and speed. We are depending upon drivers to recognize the work zone ahead, slow down and exercise caution when passing. If being directed by law enforcement, they will act accordingly as directed.

It is our responsibility to control the work space to produce a safe working environment. This includes using the fire apparatus as a blocker. Even when these blockers are in place, we still need to keep an eye on motorists as they pass.

Drivers are distracted by flashing red lights and will want to look at what is going on. This distraction can cause them to actually drive into the incident scene. They also can be distracted by such as texting or emailing. Regardless of what they are doing, distracted drivers are out there and you will need to keep an eye on them.     

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